Senior Game Designer

位置: Pasadena, CA, USA



Requisition Number: 174981

Position Title: Sr Game Designer

External Description:

Welcome to Maxis, home to tinkerers, craftspeople, & storytellers. Our goal is to inspire everyone to make a better world through creative play. As the developer of the Sims, we create games and experiences for millions of people around the world and are always looking for new ways to inspire our players. Maxis is a place where you can do what you love and help others grow while doing it; a place where your unique voice can be heard and seen. We put creativity and inclusivity at the core of our work and don't settle for seeing the world only as it is, but aim to build a world as it could be. Read on to see how you can join our team and dream big.

High Level

As a Lead Designer for Multiplayer & Social experiences, you'll help envision and implement how players socialize, connect, collaborate, and play together. Reporting to the Development Director for Design, you'll work with a diverse team of enthusiastic craftspeople from all walks of life. Use your passion to shape social play and related multiplayer game systems throughout product development, from initial prototypes to refined solutions. Advocate for the social and multiplayer aspects of all experiences. You will be the voice of the players, representing and promoting their social and multiplayer interests across the team.

What You'll Do

  • Define, champion, and lead the holistic vision for multiplayer and social experiences, partnering with the Game Director and Senior Creative Director on overall product vision.
  • Lead the social and multiplayer design vision all the way through implementation, working directly with game designers and other disciplines.
  • Create player-centered design processes to provide world-class design solutions.
  • Partner with teams to set priorities and find balanced design solutions to player needs and team goals within technical constraints.
  • Promote a data-informed and iterative creative process that uses both quantitative and qualitative player insights.
  • Partner with UXR to set strategic research goals, plan tactical studies, and create opportunities for foundational and directional research.
  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of a multi-platform design system
  • Establish connections with diverse teams and foster a creative collaborative environment.
  • Put inclusive design principles into practice. Help define a creator ecosystem that is responsible, sustainable, and protects our players from toxicity.
  • Collaborate with and provide guidance to peers and junior design staff, providing clear creative goals.


  • Expertise in multiplayer design for PC, console, mobile, or live service games.
  • 5+ years of experience with social networks or translating single player gameplay into multiplayer contexts.
  • Expertise in creating social experiences that bring players and player creations together in new and unexpected ways (ex. Among Us, Don't Starve Together, Elden Ring)
  • Passion for playing and making games, with an understanding of what makes them fun and engaging.
  • Experience designing and launching cross-platform games, creative tools, or other relevant products.
  • Experience developing social game mechanics, social platforms, multiplayer games, or other relevant products.
  • Experience with live service business models or products centered around user generated content.
  • Experience with game engines like Unreal.



Community / Marketing Title: Senior Game Designer

Company Profile:

Electronic Arts Inc.は、インタラクティブ・エンターテイメント・ソフトウェアの世界的大手企業です。 EAは、インターネットに接続されたコンソール、パソコン、携帯電話、タブレットに対してゲーム、コンテンツおよびオンラインサービスを提供しています。

EEOText: EAは雇用機会を均等に提供します。 雇用に関する決定を下す際は、人種、肌の色、国籍、出身国、出身民族、身体的性別、社会/文化/心理的性別、性別自認または性別表現、性的指向、年齢、遺伝情報、宗教、身体障害、病状、妊娠、婚姻状況、家族状況、軍役経験の有無、および法律で保護されたその他のあらゆる状況は考慮されません。 また、犯罪歴のある人物の雇用も、募集要項を満たす応募者の場合は適用法令に従って検討します。 さらにEAでは、身体に障害のある方々のために、適用法令によって定められた職場環境を整えることも行っています。

Days Open: 101

Can this position be remote?: 1

EEO Employer Verbiage:

EAは雇用機会を均等に提供します。 雇用に関する決定を下す際は、人種、肌の色、国籍、出身国、出身民族、身体的性別、社会/文化/心理的性別、性別自認または性別表現、性的指向、年齢、遺伝情報、宗教、身体障害、病状、妊娠、婚姻状況、家族状況、軍役経験の有無は考慮されません。 さらにEAでは、身体に障害のある方々のために、適用法令によって定められた職場環境を整えることも行っています。

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