Technical & Systems Game Designer (New Game Incubation Team)

위치: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Requisition Number: 170716

Position Title: Principal Game Designer I

External Description:

Founded in 2010 by the original creators of the Call of Duty Franchise, Respawn was created with the philosophy that when accomplished people have creative freedom, they'll make extraordinary games that achieve the unexpected. From our roots as an indie studio to joining the roster of studios at Electronic Arts, this remains our guiding principle.

We truly love what we do and want to share our passion with players worldwide. Our shipped titles include critically acclaimed multi-platform games Apex Legends, Titanfall, Titanfall 2, Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order, and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Join us for the opportunity to create groundbreaking games with some of the best developer talents in the industry. 


We are looking for a Technical & Systems Game Designer to join a lean incubation team developing a brand new IP.

Why Join Us:

  • Pioneer new ways for players to "adventure until the heat death of the universe."
  • You're excited to work on a game that favors open-ended systems over tightly scripted moments, where players create their own stories through gameplay.
  • You value a gameplay-focused dev culture.
  • This is a founding member opportunity with major creative involvement from start to ship.
  • We actively work to create close trust and connection between teammates.
  • The phrase, "High autonomy, high responsibility, with low oversight", appeals to you.
  • You'll work on a lean team, where your contributions have a major impact to the project.
  • No crunch or overtime. We don't glorify this behavior!


  • As part of the Game Design team, invent, then implement gameplay systems and features consistent with project goals and tenets.
  • Validate your gameplay hypotheses through rapid prototyping and team feedback.
  • Ensure your work does not incur unplanned technical debt.
  • Communicate system designs to teammates in an audience-appropriate way.
  • Make your gameplay inventions genuinely flavorful to players, enriching the fiction of the world without compromising playable function and the long-term health of the game.
  • Lightweight self-production: basic task breakdowns, estimates, and timekeeping.
  • Model the culture and help build the team. Rotate through interview panels with all disciplines, onboard new hires, help tend to team health and culture in open team discussions.
  • Promote and build an inclusive work environment.
  • Work with developers in all disciplines and contribute to topics at the project level. While everyone has an area of focus, building a great game and a great development experience is everyone's responsibility.


  • Fluency in one or more text-based scripting or programming languages such as C++, C#, or JavaScript, among others.
  • Very experienced with hands-on, iterative, rapid prototyping and direct implementation of gameplay features.
  • Experience building interrelated core gameplay systems. You are skilled at making unknown design spaces known, and can personally implement your systems such that they are easily extended by others in the future.
  • You've worked in domains where you've had to do some of the following:
    • Blend elements of strategic and real-time gameplay.
    • Design very permissive and re-playable experiences that promote inventive player expression and cleverness.
    • Invent and implement durable play patterns.
  • 1 shipped commercial game OR a portfolio of personal projects which demonstrate your technical skills and the aforementioned design capabilities. (Please note: In the latter case, we require that your portfolio include at least one self-started solo project.)

If all this excites you, then we want to talk to you. Don't let doubt deter you! We are an equal opportunity team excited about our next journey. We are always looking for people bursting with creative energy to join us, so don't hesitate to apply. Please submit a resume and a link to your portfolio. We will get back to you once we have a chance to review!

(Please note: We are open to considering long-term remote WFH options for candidates within 3 hours of our PST timezone.)




Remote?: 1

Community / Marketing Title: Technical & Systems Game Designer (New Game Incubation Team)

Company Profile:

Electronic Arts Inc.는 세계를 선도하는 인터랙티브 엔터테인먼트 소프트웨어 기업입니다. EA는 인터넷 콘솔, 개인용 컴퓨터, 휴대전화, 태블릿용 게임과 콘텐츠 및 온라인 서비스를 제공합니다.

EEOText: EA는 균등한 기회의 제공을 실천합니다. 모든 채용은 인종, 피부색, 출신 국가, 혈통, 생물학적/사회적 성별, 성 정체성 또는 표현, 성적 성향, 나이, 유전 정보, 종교, 장애 여부, 질병 유무, 임신 여부, 혼인 상태, 가족 상황, 군 복무 여부, 또는 법으로 금지된 기타 요인을 고려하지 않고 결정됩니다. 또한, 해당 직책에 합당한 능력을 갖추고 있다면 범죄 기록이 있는 지원자도 관련 법률을 준수하는 방식으로 채용 여부를 고려합니다. EA는 관련 법률에서 명시하는 대로 업무 공간에 장애가 있는 입사 지원자 또는 예정자를 위한 시설을 마련해두고 있습니다.

Date Opened: 2022-01-13 06:41:13.267

EEO Employer Verbiage:

EA는 균등한 기회의 제공을 실천합니다. 모든 채용은 인종, 피부색, 출신 국가, 혈통, 생물학적/사회적 성별, 성 정체성 또는 표현, 성적 성향, 나이, 유전 정보, 종교, 장애 여부, 질병 유무, 임신 여부, 혼인 상태, 가족 상황, 군 복무 여부 등의 요인을 고려하지 않고 결정됩니다. EA는 관련 법률에서 명시하는 대로 업무 공간에 장애가 있는 입사 지원자 또는 예정자를 위한 시설을 마련해두고 있습니다.

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