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Requisition Number: 168644

Position Title: Sr Software Engineer I

External Description:

*Note, we are considering candidates across N America, Remote work is okay*

EA's Digital Platform (EADP) organization drives important technology decisions and investments for EA on a global basis, across all divisions and studio teams. Technology and engineering leadership at EA is essential to making the industry's best games and services and the EADP team is leading the way to providing the cross-platform infrastructure to keep our consumers connected with our games anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


For this role, you will report to a Senior Engineering Manager and work with top-notch game studios around the world. We develop content pipelines and delivery services that support live games and other company-wide services across EA. We're looking for a motivated Senior Software Engineer to help lead the design, implementation, and support of these services. You'll work as part of a team, engaged with multiple EADP service teams and game teams around the globe to provide outstanding innovation and performance to our customers.


  • Design solutions to support our top Console, PC, and Mobile games
  • Architect complex features and entire applications
  • Write and maintain code in Java and Scala
  • Lead development of central services to support company-wide programs across the latest technologies
  • Work with teams across EADP to foster a cohesive platform for our customers
  • Improve systems to achieve highly scalable, available services
  • Author and review technical design documents to plan and vet each essential feature
  • Evaluate new technologies and software products to determine the feasibility and desirability of incorporating their capabilities within the company products
  • Document and test features to accelerate ease of use and simplify future maintenance of our technology
  • Involvement in all phases of the product development lifecycle, including requirements definition, specifications, development, test, product release, and sustaining engineering
  • Support internal customers and evaluate and debug technical support requests
  • Grow and guide other engineers


  • 10+ years professional development experience
  • Development experience with Java
  • AWS, GCP, or other cloud experience
  • Experience working within the Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Ability to design, implement and scale complex web applications
  • Experience with event-driven architecture and systems
  • Knowledgable of reactive programming best practices
  • Experience operating highly available systems
  • Work within a team on source-controlled projects via git


  • Experience programming in Scala
  • Familiarity with functional programming concepts
  • Experience managing infrastructure with Terraform




Remote?: 1

Community / Marketing Title: Lead Software Engineer - Developer Experience

Company Profile:

Electronic Arts Inc.は、インタラクティブ・エンターテイメント・ソフトウェアの世界的大手企業です。 EAは、インターネットに接続されたコンソール、パソコン、携帯電話、タブレットに対してゲーム、コンテンツおよびオンラインサービスを提供しています。

EEOText: EAは雇用機会を均等に提供します。 雇用に関する決定を下す際は、人種、肌の色、国籍、出身国、出身民族、身体的性別、社会/文化/心理的性別、性別自認または性別表現、性的指向、年齢、遺伝情報、宗教、身体障害、病状、妊娠、婚姻状況、家族状況、軍役経験の有無、および法律で保護されたその他のあらゆる状況は考慮されません。 また、犯罪歴のある人物の雇用も、募集要項を満たす応募者の場合は適用法令に従って検討します。 さらにEAでは、身体に障害のある方々のために、適用法令によって定められた職場環境を整えることも行っています。

Date Opened: 2021-09-24 19:23:59.257

EEO Employer Verbiage:

EAは雇用機会を均等に提供します。 雇用に関する決定を下す際は、人種、肌の色、国籍、出身国、出身民族、身体的性別、社会/文化/心理的性別、性別自認または性別表現、性的指向、年齢、遺伝情報、宗教、身体障害、病状、妊娠、婚姻状況、家族状況、軍役経験の有無は考慮されません。 さらにEAでは、身体に障害のある方々のために、適用法令によって定められた職場環境を整えることも行っています。

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